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In life there is always one special person, you decide who that person is. LGBTBacker upholds the rights of the LGBT community, now and forever.

The LGBT Bill of Rights

  1. LGBT persons will now and forever have the same legal rights guaranteed all Americans.

  2. Every American can choose and display sexual orientation and gender identification any way, free from judgment.

  3. All forms of discrimination against LGBT persons are forbidden.

  4. LGBT persons have the right to speak and act openly about their sexual orientation and gender identity free from verbal and physical abuse.

  5. LGBT persons will no longer be subjected to harassment at the workplace or unjust termination of employment.

  6. LGBT relationships shall receive all the rights, protection and respect that are given to heterosexual couples.

  7. LGBT persons have the right to openly pledge their commitment and love for each other by being joined in wedlock.

  8. LGBT couples have the rights and privileges that every person in the United States takes for granted.

  9. LGBT couples may adopt children as long as a loving, nurturing family environment is present.

  10. LGBT acts of love, that contribute toward mutual fulfillment of both partners shall be recognized and protected by all sanctuaries that humans use.

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